Trying to hire a motivated person with IT, office or commercial skills?

Interface3 organizes 10 skills training courses, including 8 courses for women only and 2 for both women and men.

Interface3's common language is French. Convinced that Dutch and English are very important assets in the Belgian job market,  the Interface3 team has, from the start, actively developed a particularly efficient method for teaching foreign languages. Languages are taught in every course that we organize. Our four "bilingual" (Dutch/French and French/English) courses are primarily aimed at women who want to improve their second language.

Because Brussels is an international city, it is not uncommon for our trainees to find jobs in a multilingual company. Get in touch with us: you may find the gem you want as an employee or intern for your team. As regards training placements, we are always interested in starting partnerships with Dutch-speaking (and English-speaking) employers: go to our "placement" section and do not hesitate to contact us.